What Is Acupressure? Edit

Acupressure is a natural method of healing, achieved by pressing various specific points in our body. It requires no medicines and has no bad side effects. The word acupressure comes from the word acupressure.

What Is The Root Of The Word Acupressure? Edit

The word acupressure has its origin in the Latin word acupuncture `acus’ meaning needle and `puncture’ meaning to prick.

What Is The Difference Between Acupressure And Acupuncture? Edit

In acupuncture the pressure points are activated by needles. In acupressure needles are not necessary, the disease being alleviated by pressure alone. When the word `acus’ is used, it usually means `needle’.

In the context of acupressure it involves pressure being applied by the fingers or by a blunts instrument. Generally the pressure points in acupressure and acupuncture coincide. Researchers have found that if the same acupressure points are pressed instead of using needles, the results are the same. This is known as `Zone Therapy’.

Acupressure : Health On Your Hands Edit

Preface The twentieth century has been a time of change and advancement in terms of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment. During this time diagnosis and treatment have been evolving.

Even with the advent of radiology, ultra sonogram and MRI, we still have too many diseases for which there is no cure. more about the Acupressure on