The Fifth World Community (5WC) Forum is a forum for Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth World nations, with an emphasis on small and mature micronations, or Fifth World nations.

The Fourth World is made up of medium- to large-sized nations without significantly recognised states, while the Fifth World is generally comprised of small nations — without significantly recognised states — with strong and established national identities.

There are a few Fourth World nations which definitely possess empirical statehood — such as Abkhazia, Northern Cyprus, Palestine or Taiwan — but that are denied juridical statehood by the international community. However, there are also Fourth World nations that are not de facto states, and thus have little or no control over their destiny. Examples that come to mind are secessionist movements around the world such as Cabinda in Africa, Tibet in Asia, Occitania in Europe, the Second Vermont Republic in North America, the Mapuche in South America, and Rotuma in Oceania. Regardless of whether they are de facto states or not, however, all Fourth World nations claim territories of a significant size on which they live.

Fifth World nations, on the other hand, either claim no real territory, or claim small territories. Moreover, sometimes Fifth World nations claim small territories on which they do not live, and in this case they are not secessionist but irredentist nations. So while the Fourth World is always territorial, the Fifth is already something midway between the Fourth and Sixth Worlds, something as territorial as the Fourth World, and as virtual as the Sixth.

Sixth World nations are also small nations like Fifth World nations, but are usually virtual and/or very young. The micronation born yesterday is a Sixth World nation. When a Sixth World nation begins to naturally grow offshoots like agencies, institutions, organisations, or companies, the nation has begun to develop Fifth World nation characteristics, which give it a certain level of maturity.

The Fifth World Community (5WC) Forum was started on 4 June 2009 by HMRD Cesidio Tallini.

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