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This wiki was started on 2 August 2009 by IndigoGenius, the wiki's only moderator. This is a wiki of First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth World nations, and is available for everybody to edit.

A Sixth World nation is a young micronation recognised only by other micronations. Also known as a new or infant group.

A Fifth World nation is a ludic micronation largely recognised by non-academic media, or publishers of coffee-table books. Also known as a social identity or irredentist group.

A Fourth World nation is a serious micronation recognised by multiple academic institutions and/or publishers, and by other kinds of NGOs or IGOs. The societal nations may gain the acceptance of quasi-government or exalted bodies. Their town, country, or regional offices may be somewhat accepted, and weather services may be provided by developers for them. Also known as a self-determination or secessionist group.

Third World nations are complex micronations or multinations, largely unrecognised by internationally-recognised peers, but nation(s) or party(ies) may be recognised by UN member state government bodies, and/or multinational companies. These are also known as state-like or sovereignty groups.

Second World nations are entities which freely communicate with other states and/or international organisations, but may not receive the attention usually given to upstarts by the mainstream media. Their new legal systems may gain acceptance among other nations. They are also known as associated with nation(s), state(s), or regional group.

To write a new article about a nation, usually small nations with limited or no recognition are mentioned here, just enter the requested title in the box below. This wiki currently has 176 articles.

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