Independent Long Island
better known as
(Italian) Long Island Independente (Italian) Bel Paese




Nickname: The Empress State εν
Motto: Ab Normis Discedere (To Deviate from the Norm)
Anthem: to be established


Location North America
Theoretical Capital Brooklyn (pop. 2,465,326)
Area claimed 3,567 km² (1,377 sq mi)
Population (de facto) 7,559,372 (2006)
Population density 2,110 /km² (5,470 /sq mi)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $407 billion (est.)
Date of foundation 20 August 2007 (renamed Winnecomac on 2 February 2013)
Curator Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini
Curator of Winnecomac
Language English
Demonym Winnecomaqian (Win·ne·co·maq·ian)
Currency Ideal currency conceived, but to be developed. Ideal currency to be developed is based on advanced knowledge discovered through the Analytic theology field.
Time Zone NA. Currently WQ observes UTC-5 and UTC-4 during the summer.
Internet TLD .wq (alternate root)
Calling Code NA. Currently WQ uses the ITU's +1 calling code, and area codes 718, 347, 917, 929, 516, and 631 under that code.
Patron Saint None
Organisational Memberships: Paradiplomatic Affairs
Website Old Website
New Website

Independent Long Island (ILI) started as a new country project, and considered itself at its most promising stage a junior or developing Fourth World nation — a Fourth World nation is a large or small secessionist country or nation without a state, while a Fifth World nation is generally a small non-secessionist country or nation without a state.

Today Independent Long Island is no longer a secessionist or Fourth World nationalist movement, but a cultural relic at best. The Founder of the historical relic does not even refer to the island as "Independent Long Island" any longer, since those words are without cultural context in American imperialistic language, but calls it Winnecomac (WQ), which comes from Algonquin language words meaning "Fine Country".

The Independent Long Island project was officially started on 20 August 2007 with the writing of a formal press release, and attracted insignificant media attention. It was in fact granted only a degree of legitimacy by some micronationalists as an example of an historical anomaly and aspirant state, and has also attracted little more than informal recognition by the League of Indian Nations of North America. The historical relic has also attracted some good-natured humour through Episode "Mouthing Off" of the History (formerly The History Channel) TV series "How The States Got Their Shapes".

The Independent Long Island project's original emphasis was in creating a viable and independent new country, and seceding from the United States. However, the project did not attract sufficient support with local Long Island residents, so today the Independent Long Island project is no longer a political project.

The former "Governor" of Independent Long Island no longer acknowledges himself as such, and doesn't even consider himself a secessionist any more.

Independent Long Island is now basically a cultural relic. The former "Governor" of Independent Long Island is now the much more interesting Sachem (or Paramount Chief) of the Ryamecah Confederation, and calls the whole island under his feet Winnecomac.

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