William Ranger Kingdom (Indonesian) Kerajaan William Ranger
William Ranger Kingdon Flag William Ranger Kingdom COA
Nickname: N/A εν
Motto: Land With Mike and Honey (N/A)
Anthem: God Save the King
Location Bekasi
Capital Mutiara
Area claimed N/A
Population (de facto) 5
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) N/A
Population (de jure) 5
Date of foundation 30 March 2012
King William Timothy
Language English,Indonesian,Russian,Arabic
Demonym N/A (Just use ism or ian in the last)
Currency Rupee Yah
Time Zone +07 GMT UTC
Internet TLD .id .lp .ik (using another nation)
Calling Code +62
Patron Saint St.N/A
Recognised by Indonesia
Organisational Memberships: AIM
Website TBA

William Ranger Kingdom (Indonesian: Kerajaan William Ranger, Russian:Уильям Ranger Королевство, Arabian: وليام الحارس المملكة) is a Indonesian micronation which was located in Bekasi City that founded in Sunday, 30 March 2012 . This nation was led by a King named William Timothy, accompanied by a queen which names Regita Putri Harsono and Arkan Ranggadipta as the Prime Minister, they all are the founder of William Ranger. Formerly William has a experienced to leading a micronation, Federal Republic of Santos.