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coin Lunar Republic

If the number of homesteader to 6 million may appear LUNAR REPUBLIC

Buy the moon became possible only recently. The whole solar system is already sold. The rightful owner - American Dennis Hope. He legalized the ownership and sale organized lunar sites. 30 people from NASA and two U.S. presidents. As long as the moon traders did not have problems with the law. It will probably soon be established with the Lunar Republic Embassy in the world. International law allows it, if the number of lunovladeltsev reach six million. It is assumed that in the indefinite future it will be possible to visit them and possibly inhabit. "Yes, there is a way, just 4 days." Sale of land on the moon launched in 1980 and was made possible by the American Dennis Hope, who took advantage of the fact that the agreement signed in 1967 by UN member states "Agreement on the Moon and other celestial bodies", provides only a ban on the assignment of the Moon (or any other astronomical the body) of a State, but does not mention individuals. Taking advantage of this, Hope first applied for registration and the moon was in the property.
To date, the sale of land on the Moon has been an American company The Lunar Embassy («Lunar Embassy"), which has offices in 16 countries, including in Russia. To date, sold more than three million sites on the Moon. Standard site on the Moon has an area of ​​1 acre (which is slightly more than 0.4 hectares).
The moon is closer than you think.

The design of a coin is developed by Bakhtinov Vitaly (Russia).