This is a list of macronations and micronations.

Inclusion criteria

We include any macronation or micronation in the list if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is either a member of the MPR or the UMMOA, and has been a member for at least a year.
  • Has some sort of claim or presence in the real world. This does not mean that virtual micronations are excluded, but there must be solid evidence for the existence of the nation.
  • Has an entry somewhere on Wikipedia (either a specific article or on the list of micronations) that makes it notable according to the Wikipedia's standards.
  • There is an article about the macronation or micronation in a recognised news source.
  • One can confirm its existence.

List of Macronations and Micronations

Flag Short Name Full Name Type of Entity Location Dates Active Wikipedia Website
Aerican-flag Aerica Aerican Empire Tongue-in-cheek micronation North America: Montreal, Canada 1987–present W
Antarcticland Flag Antarcticland Government of Antarcticland Antarctica 2007–present
Arms Aramoana Aramoana Independent State of Aramoana Oceania: New Zealand 1980–1981 W none
Kingdom Araucania Patagonia Araucania and Patagonia Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia South America: Patagonia region of Argentina
Flag of Atlantium Atlantium Empire of Atlantium Globalism advocacy micronation Oceania: eastern Australia, near Sydney 1981–1990; 1999–present W
Arms Avram Avram Grand Duchy of Avram Protest nation 1980s–2005 W
Baugnia-flag Baugnia Democratic Republic of Baugnia 2008–present
Dobflag Bohemia Duchy of Bohemia Historical resurrection North America: Nevada, USA ?
BWF Flag British West Florida Dominion of British West Florida Historical resurrection North America: southern United States 2005–present W
Cascadia Cascadia Republic of Cascadia Separatist project North America: Pacific Northwest 2001–present W
Caux Caux Sovereign Barony of Caux Historical resurrection Europe: Shropshire, UK 2001–present
Christiania Christiania Freetown Christiania Squatter's dominion Europe: Copenhagen, Denmark 1971–present W
Imperium-flag-small DeWaCo Estates The Imperium of DeWaCo Estates Hobby micronation North America: midwestern United States 1996–present
FedCom Flag FedCom Federated Commonwealth of Malatora Sovereign new-nation project Africa: an island in the Gulf of Guinea 2000–present
FormoriFlag Republic of Formoria Formori Community Non-territorial community Europe: France 1991–present
Hutt River Hutt River Principality of Hutt River Oceania: western Australia, north of Perth 1970–present W
Ili-flag-small Independent Long Island or ILI Independent Long Island Separatist project North America: entire island of Long Island, New York 2007–present
Flag of Ladonia Ladonia Ladonia Art preservation protest Europe: southern Sweden 1996–present W
Flag of Lovely Lovely Kingdom of Lovely Tongue-in-cheek micronation Europe: London, United Kingdom 2005–present W
Sosj-malta-flag-wborder OSJ Malta Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta Sovereign order Europe: Malta 1120
Minerva Flag Minerva Republic of Minerva Sovereign new-nation project Oceania: Minerva Reefs 1972 (island taken by Tonga)
1982 (island again taken by Tonga)
W The Imperial Collection - The Republic of Minerva
Flag of Molossia Molossia Republic of Molossia Tongue-in-cheek micronation run like a dictatorial banana republic 1977–present W
Newutopia-flag-s New Utopia Principality of New Utopia Libertarian micronation Caribbean Sea: Misteriosa Bank 1999–present W
NFA Flag Northern Forest Archipelago or NFA The Northern Forest Archipelago Eco-preservation project North America: northeast United States 1998–present W
Nova Roma Flag Nova Roma Nova Roma Historical resurrection 1998–present W
NSK-flag-optimised NSK State Neue Slowenische Kunst State Supranational art project micronation Europe: several consulates are maintained 1991–present W
Padania Padania Padania Secessionist state Europe: Regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia, Liguria, Marche, Romagna, Umbria, Friuli, Trentino, Alto Adige/Südtirol, Venezia Giulia, and Aosta Valley 1996–present W
Flag of Pictland Pictland Kingdom of Pictland Historical resurrection North America: Alaska, USA 1812–present
Pip-small Pontinha Principality of the Pontinha Historical resurrection Atlantic Ocean: just off the island of Madeira 1903–present W
Pudukkottai flag-m Pudukkottai Princely State of Pudukkottai (or Kingdom of Pudukkottai) Princely state under the paramountcy of the British Raj India: state of Tamil Nadu 1680–1947 W
Reunionfl Réunion Holy Empire of Réunion South America: Brazil 1997–present
Ior-flag-s Rose Island Republic of Rose Island Seastead Europe: off the coast of eastern Italy 1968 (destroyed by Italian Navy) W Republic of Rose Island fansite
StCharlie-flag St. Charlie Federal Republic of St. Charlie Territorial European and Italophone micronation Europe: 5 federations located in Central Italy, West London, and Southern Germany 2008–present
Flag of Sealand Sealand Principality of Sealand Seastead Europe: off the coast of southern Britain ([1]) 1967–present W
Seborga Seborga Principality of Seborga Europe: Italy W
Sos-large-wb SoS State of Sabotage Art project micronation Finland: island of Harakka 2003–present
Kingdom of Talossa Talossa Kingdom of Talossa 1979–present W
Republic of Talossa Talossa Republic of Talossa 2004–present W
Texas-flag Texas Republic of Texas Separatist project North America: Texas, USA 1995–present W
Ttf-flag TTF TTF Household and Internet-based sovereign nation North America: house located in New York state; house also part of Fifth World Community (5WC) 1998–present
Ummoasmall-flag UMMOA United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago Multinational separatist project Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, as well as a point in the middle of the Adriatic Sea 2008–present
VermontFlag Vermont Second Vermont Republic Separatist project North America: Vermont, USA 2003–present W
Vikesland Vikesland Principality of Vikesland North America: central Canada 2005–present W
Westarctica Westarctica Grand Duchy of Westarctica Antarctica 2001–present W
Wirtland flag-wb Wirtland Wirtland Internet-based sovereign nation The Internet 2008–present W
Wsa WSA World Service Authority World government North America: Washington, DC 1953–present W
Crest of Wy Wy Principality of Wy Protest nation and artist haven Oceania: Sydney, Australia 2004–present
Znd-flag Zandrovia Kingdom of Zandrovia North America: Missouri, USA 2009–present

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