Schalamzaar Empire
Flag of Schalamzaar
Coat of Arms of Schalamzaar

ما حافظان این خون و نژادیم چنانکه ارتش حافظ ملت است
We're protectors of this blood and race, as army is the protector of the nation


God Save The Shahanshah
خداوند شاهنشاه را حفظ کند


Official Map

Capital Armanshahr
Type of Government Imperial State (Empire)
Head of State His Imperial Majesty Emperor Muhammadreza I
Head of Government Peyman Mirza, The Vizier
Head of Adlieh Amir Ali Mirza, Qadhi al-Qudhat
Territorial Disputes With Spain, Kiribati, Norway[1], British Indian Ocean Territory, Mauritius, Portugal
Population 75+

Schalamzaar Empire, is a new country project which has claimed all of five uninhabited islands of Canary Islands. Schalamzaar is ruled by Emperor, and it has a Persian culture style, Emperor is called “Shahanshah”, Shahanshah means Shah of Shahs, and Shah means king. The Shahanshah meanse King of Kings. Also, Schalamzaar is an attempt to restore ancient Fatimid Caliphate as one of the greatest Shi’a governments of the history. Originally, Schalamzaar has been started in 2008 as a government in Canary Islands, and now officially is started there.

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  1. Antarctic Territory of New Schwabenland
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