The Republic of Secundomia is a 6th world nation founded by Parker I and Spencer I. It was formed on December 16th 2009. It is currently led by Parker I and Spencer I, the country's co-presidents.


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States and TerritoriesEdit


State Governor Statehood Dates Political Affiliation Capital Notes
Middle Secundomia Parker I December 16th 2009 Secundomian Conservative Party Middle Secundomia* First State to join, most populous, Capital State
Lower Secundomia Nate I Feb. 25, 2010 None none
Merenneitoja Luke of Secundomia Feb. 26th, 2010 Secundomian Conservative Party none
Defunct StatesEdit
State/Territory Fate Date Founded-Date Defunct Leader
Halstopia Returned to America December 17th 2009 - 18th (Withheld)
Leospecsia Dissolved, territory returned to America December 17th, 2009 - April 18th, 2010 Seth I
First State of Atlan Seceeded Since rejoined, then redifined as a state

December 16th '09 - 28th

(Rejoined) February 25th 2010 -March 4th


The New Territories- Governor, Spencer I

History Edit

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The Early DaysEdit

The early days lasted from December 15th, 2009 to December 27th, 2009. The idea for Secundomia began when Parker I and Spencer I were reading about micronations, on December 13th, 2009, like the Conch Republic, Molossia, and the Aerican Empire, and were inspired. At first they planned on joining Aerica, but Spencer suggested that they create their own. And so they would.

Spencer was the first to found a nation, the Republic of Skillz on December 14th, 2009. Spencer I was quickly made president, and it became at it's peak, 6 citizens large. However Parker I was not told of it's existence until the next day, shortly preceeding the founding of the Kingdom of Secundomia, which was founded on December 15th 2009, by Parker I. The Republic of Skillz collapsed on December 15th, 2009, and it's two remaining citizens merged with the Kingdom of Secundomia, to form the Republic of Secundomia, on December 16th 2009. Secundomia quickly gathered a population of 6. But the state of Halstopia left the nation on the December 18th, 2009 with all it's members. American lead was restored shortly after in Halstopia.

Era of the Struggle for PowerEdit

The Era of the Struggle for Power began on December 28th, 2009 and ended on February 1st, 2009. During this period, rivals Parker I and Luke struggled for power, and Secundomia was caught in the middle. As a result of this struggle, The Empire of Atlan seceded from Secundomia on December 28th, 2009. Secundomia fully recognized Atlan's independence, and attempted to open diplomatic relations with Atlan. Atlan later rejoined, however.

1st ElectionsEdit

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Parker I and Luke I won the first elections of Secundomia.

2nd electionsEdit

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Parker I and Spencer I won the 2nd Elections. This marked the end to the Era of the Struggle for Power.

Era of BalanceEdit

This period lasted from February 1st, 2009 to February 25th. It included peace between the newly elected leaders, and Secundomia went through many positive changes during this period.

3rd electionsEdit

February 2010 Secundomian Elections

The third elections were won by Spencer I. He took power on Feb. 28th, 2010.

The Golden DaysEdit

During the Golden Days, Secundomia regained Atlan, and 2 other states were formed. The golden days lasted from February 25th-March 4th, 2010. Atlan rejoined on February 25th, 2010. Also on February 25th, Nate I announced the formation of Lower Secundomia. The next day, on February 26th, Luke announced the formation of Merenneitoja, Thus leaving Luke's Territory. Luke's Territory then became the New Territory, governed by Spencer I.

On February 26th, Parker I and Spencer I approved the first official flag. It was designed by Nate I, governor of Lower Secundomia.

Declining TimesEdit

The declining times were marked by inactivity and two members leaving. It lasted between March 4th, 2010 and March 14th, 2010

Spencerian EraEdit

This is the current era in Secundomian History. One of the members who seceeded during the Declining Times rejoined during this time, and Spencer I appointed the first ever Secundomian Presidential Cabinet and signed a law creating the Secundomian Congress during this era. And later, Atlan was redefined as a seperate nation.

Operation AnnexEdit

Secundomia annexed Pine county, Long county, Snow Hill County, and Backwoods county into their territory during Operation Annex.


  • Skillz founded
  • Kingdom of Secundomia founded
  • Skillz and Secundomia merge
  • Republic founded
  • Population boom
  • Middle Secundomia founded
  • Atlan founded
  • Halstopia founded
  • Leospecsia founded
  • Halstopia seceeds
  • First elections begin
  • Atlan seceeds
  • Parker I and Luke I become co-presidents
  • Constitution Crisis
  • 2nd population boom
  • 2nd elections begin
  • Parker I and Spencer I become co-president
  • 3rd population boom
  • Constitution changed
  • 4th elections
  • Lower Secundomia formed
  • Atlan rejoins
  • Merenneitoja formed
  • New Territory formed
  • Flag approved
  • Spencer I becomes president
  • Secession of 2 members
  • Rejoining of 1 member
  • Secundomian Presidential Cabinet formed
  • Congress law signed
  • Atlan Redifined
  • Operation Annex
  • 5th population boom
  • Lower Secundomia expanded
  • March elections
  • Parker I becomes president
  • Forming of Secundomian News
  • Rocket Plan unveiled
  • Formal Appointment of Cabinet
  • Cabinet Crisis
  • Trial of Ibrahim I
  • Dissolution of Leospecsia


Political PartiesEdit


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Current LeaderEdit

Parker I is the current president.

Department Name Party
Dept. of Defense Spencer I Secundomian Conservative Party
Development Nate I Secundomian Conservative Party
Economics Luke of Secundomia Secundomian Conservative Party


The Secundomian Congress is Tricameral. There is the Citizen's Council, The House of the Governors, and the Cabinet. After a law, --which can be proposed by any Secundomian citizen-- passes through these three houses, the President holds delaying veto.

The Citizen's CouncilEdit

Office # Name Political Party
1 Luke of Secundomia Secundomian Conservative Party
2 Spencer I Secundomian Conservative Party
3 Seth I Secundomian Liberal Party

House of GovernorsEdit

The House of Governors includes all of the current governors of the Secundomian States. The house of governors includes Parker I, Seth I, Nate I, and Luke of Secundomia.

The CabinetEdit

The cabinet is appointed by the President. It's members can be seen above.

Military Edit

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Secundomia's military is self described as weak. It has not yet been enacted, but is ready when called upon.

Department of DefenseEdit

The Department of Defense is headed by Parker I.


Secundomia's defcon is at level 0, as there is no threat to Secundomia's security.


Secundomia currently has no restrictions on who can be in the army. Currently the system is by volunteer only.



There are 2 citizens in the Secundomian Army, which is not known for it's power.


The Secundomian Navy is a work in progress.

Air ForceEdit

The Air Force has not been activated, but a project for a defense rocket is underway. The rocket is likely to be spring powered.

Secundomian Intelligence AgencyEdit

The Secundomian Intelligence Agency was founded by Parker I, to be like the MI6 of Great Britain, or the CIA of the United States. Their only project was the Finland Project.

Foreign Relations Edit

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Secundomia has established relations with these countries (Bold means strong relations)

  • NottaLotta Acres:
  • Kleinland
  • Midget Nation-in-Exile
  • Angador
  • Slinky Empyre
  • Wyvern

Constitution Edit

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The Secundomian Constitution has seven articles, and deals with:

  • Elections
  • Power of the President
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religon
  • Trial
  • Slavery
  • Suffrage

Awards and DecorationsEdit


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Secundomia is primarily Caucasian in race, with a small Turkic minority.


There is no official state religion in Secundomia, as instructed by the Constitution. The primary religion is Christian, followed by a minority no-religion.